Yes, we can clean under your bed…


Sure we can clean under your beds. Mom only knows just how much dander, pet hair, dust, lint, feathers and what not reside under the very piece of furniture that you spend up to 8 hours a day in. Chances are you have a heat register or air vent either nearby or directly under that bed.

Now imagine how that same dust, hair, dander and what not becoming air born while you’re asleep…


We can disassemble and move your bed for you or if you would like to save time and money you can get the room ready for us before we arrive on cleaning day. Either disassemble your bed frame and move it and your mattresses to another room, put your bed on furniture skidders and have us move it side to side if there is room to do so (a Queen size in a 10 by 10 room is a no go)

Or..Remove your linens and lean the mattress up against the wall while it sits on the frame. Now we can step inside the frame and do a thorough cleaning.

Either way, we would love to clean under your beds for you. Your sinuses will love us for it..

Proudly serving Hastings, Grand Island, Doniphan, Kenesaw, Juniata, Clay Center, and Harvard, NE

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