We Want to Clean the Carpet For Your Hastings or Grand Island Hotel or Business

Clean Carpet is Good For Business

There’s no doubt that if the carpets in your hotel (or business), haven’t been properly cleaned within the past 12 months, they just aren’t doing you any favors. Dirty carpets certainly won’t encourage visitors to return to your establishment and continue to do business with you.

So it makes perfect business sense to have your Hastings area hotel carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis. We offer superb results any time on any carpet – in your lounge, in your reception area, in your bars and guest rooms. We are expert upholstery cleaners  too!

When we clean carpets, we remove deep-down dirt, spots, and stains – safely, quickly and efficiently. We’ll restore a like-new appearance to the colors and texture of all your once beautiful and vibrant hotel carpets, and worth remembering, this cleaning treatment is good for your carpets – it actually helps prolong their lives. It’s good for your business too!

Take a close look at your carpets today.
Imagine you are one of your most critical and fussy customers.

Would you like to stay in a hotel with carpets like yours? If the answer is “Yes” – then great!  We’ll be delighted if you remember us next time they’re ready for cleaning.

If your Hastings or Grand Island area hotel or business is ready for professional carpet cleaning, we’ll gladly come to your facility to evaluate your carpets and give you a free quotation.

We provide the following services performed by trained professionals in Hastings, Grand Island, Kenesaw, Doniphan, and Giltner, NE.

Proudly Serving Hastings, Grand Island, Doniphan, Kenesaw, Juniata, Clay Center, and Harvard, NE


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