Fabric Protection

The Importance of Carpet Protection

Your Carpet was chosen with careful thought, and is a large investment for your home. Cleaning your carpet is very important for your health, by removing environmental pollutants such as smoke, smog, nicotine, exhaust fumes, pollens, and soil, which will make your carpet wear much faster.

Protecting your carpet with a carpet protection, protects your investment and extends the life of your carpet and furnishings. It seals each individual fiber, not the air spaces in between, giving the carpet extra protection. Routine maintenance is faster because dry soils are held in suspension for easier removal by vacuum. The wicking action of the product assures uniform protection and increases the carpet’s ability to resist and release soil and stains.

Protection coats your carpet with a protective layer that reduces penetration and adhesion in four important ways:

1. DRY SOIL – Soil is an abrasive and will damage carpet fibers, causing accelerated wear which will create a dingy appearance. Carpet protection allows for easier removal of soil in future cleanings.

2. ACID DYES – Children’s drinks and other foods can attach permanently to carpet fibers, creating stains that are difficult or impossible to remove. Carpet protection helps to reduce this risk.

3. LIQUID SPILLS – Coffee, tea, and soda can permanently stain your carpet. Carpet protection reduces penetration of these spills and allows the homeowner more time to clean up the spill.

4. OTHER SOILS – Grease, tar, oil etc. tracked in from kitchens, garages, and driveways will do serious damage to your carpet fibers. Carpet protection drastically reduces the likelihood of permanent damage. These four reasons are why we recommend Carpet protection for your carpet, a service provided by Valentines Carpet. We hope this has been valuable information for you. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask your technician. We are here to help and be of assistance to you.


– Repels dry soils and both oil and water-based spills.
– Soil, stains, and grit easily vacuum out, eliminating the grinding motion between soil and fiber which can wear out carpets.
– Extends the time between cleanings, eliminating unnecessary expense.
– Dirt and stain build up is eliminated.
– Carpets retain their natural texture and appearance.


1. It is against our policy to pressure people in their home! We want you to at least consider the idea of extra protection before we leave so we will mention it, but no pressure.

2. It is unwise to completely recommend fabric protection to everyone, before we see and clean your carpet or upholstery. You and the technician will have to consider the type and age of the carpet or upholstery., its value, and the condition of it after cleaning the traffic areas, etc.

3. Usually we do recommend fabric protection. It really works to improve vacuum efficiency, reduce wear and improve spill cleanup effectiveness thereby increasing the life.. We’ve priced it so it’s economical for your whole home. Most customers purchase it, and are very pleased with their decision.

4. We use the word “reapply” because virtually all carpet was originally manufactured with protection. This protection wears off, and all the carpet manufacturers recommend reapplying it to retain the stain resistance of the fabric.

5. Carpet Protectors have several benefits: the main benefit are:
– a. Vacuuming will now be more effective because the dirt wont cling to the fibers as easily as before.
– b. Because your vacuum picks up more abrasive grit, your carpet will last longer.
– c. Spills wont be absorbed by your carpets or upholstery as complete or as quickly.
– d. The dirt and stains will come out easier during your next professional cleaning.

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