Carpet Cleaning

In January 2014, a study was released in the United States that should put an end to any doubts cleaning professionals, carpet consumers in the residential environment, health care professionals, educational facilities, building owners,  and facility managers have about carpeting and indoor air quality. According to Dr. Bruce Mitchell, chairman/CEO […]

New study shows carpeting can be good for allergy sufferers.

Clean Carpet is Good For Business There’s no doubt that if the carpets in your hotel (or business), haven’t been properly cleaned within the past 12 months, they just aren’t doing you any favors. Dirty carpets certainly won’t encourage visitors to return to your establishment and continue to do business with […]

We Want to Clean the Carpet For Your Hastings or ...

Life Happens Think Smart… Smartstrand made with Dupont Sorona polymer represents a break through in fiber technology.Dupont’s propietary sorona polymer has engineered stain protection that will never wash off or wear off. The fiber’s outstanding resiliency and durability make it a natural choice for busy households.When life happens, think smart. […]

The latest greatest miracle carpet fiber or not?

the real answer is, all of them.. Don’t buy into the “our method is best” advertising you’ll find all over the Internet and Yellow Pages. Comparison of Carpet Cleaning Methods There are four basic methods for cleaning carpet: * Carpet Shampooing * Dry Powder Method * Bonnet Cleaning * “Hot […]

Which cleaning method is best?